What a great time and a pleasant surprise!!

Something different to do besides the parks and much cheaper. I used a Groupon coupon and saved over 20%. All of the staff members were very polite. Patrick and Andres worked on the racetrack and set me up for preparation. They were both so very friendly and beyond helpful! Funny thing happened as I got stuck in the race car when the race was over and Patrick just walked over and scooped me out of the car. It was actually very comical but to be honest, it could have been a very embarrassing situation and he handled it so well. I was extremely impressed. When I asked to take pictures with Patrick and Andres after my “races”, they were beyond accomodating. Who is going to believe that I was driving a Nascar race car? Everybody….as I now have proof! It was a fun time and I would highly recommend it to all!

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