“What is the age requirement to race?”

The requirement is based on height. You must be 55 inches, 4 feet 7 inches, 140 cm tall for karting.

“Do Kids and Adults Race together?”

No, Kids will race in their own heat since they do not have the same driving experience as adults.

“How many karts can race on the track at the same time?”

Up to 12 karts is the maximum for one race.

“Can Kids get a membership?”

Yes, there is a membership for Junior Racers.

“What is a head sock?”

Close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face worn under the helmet.

“Can I rent the track out for a private corporate event?”

Yes, Please contact our sales office at (407) 581-9644 or submit an event inquiry.

“Do you offer team building?”

Yes, we offer different activities with all of our attractions. We have multiple meeting room spaces for additional activities or for your motivational speaker. Please contact our team building specialist to assist in designing your team build event. (407) 581-9644 or submit an online event inquiry form.

“Can I rent out the facility for a Bar Mitzvah?”

Yes, You may rent out the facility for any occasion. Please contact our sales office at 1.844.IDRIVE1 or submit an event inquiry form.

“Can I bring my own helmet to wear on the track?”

Yes, if it is a full faced with a visor. Motocross helmets with goggles will not be permitted.

“Can I bring my own go-pro camera?”

Yes, it can be used with a chest harness or helmet mount.

“What does “arrive & drive” mean?”

This term means “first come, first serve”. No reservation required.

“Do you offer birthday parties for kids?”

Yes, and adults too! For more information on scheduling any event you may call (407) 581-9644.

“Do I have to get a membership?”

No, you my race without a membership, but memberships do offer benefits and discounts.

“Is there a maximum weight limit for the karts?”

No, The Sodi RTX Karts are ergonomic and can be adjusted to almost any size. (As long as safety and comfort is not compromised)

“Do you have a “two-seater” kart?”

No, at the moment we do not have the 2 seater karts.

“What forms of payment do you accept?”

American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Cash.

“Can I race while I’m pregnant?”

We highly advise that you don’t race while pregnant.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team at (407)581-9644