Educational Programs

Let your students experience first-hand all that I-Drive NASCAR has to offer – including learning the engineering behind the SODI electric kart, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and everything in between. I-Drive NASCAR offers field trips that are educational AND fun!

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<font color="#ffffff">Field Trips</font>

Field Trips

Race into STEM learning with I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing.  During the trip, Juniors will deepen their understanding of physical science concepts as well as areas of technology and engineering. Some supported education standards we offer are:

– Newton’s Laws of Motion

– Forces and change in motion

– Theories, Laws and Hypotheses

– Velocity

– Acceleration

– Strategic Thinking and Complex Reasoning

<font color="#ffffff">The Fun Doesn't Stop There...</font>

The Fun Doesn't Stop There...

We take pride in our education standards, but we also make it fun!

– Juniors will speed into Kart Racing related to Force, Mass and Acceleration.

– Play a game or two of bowling related to Mass, Force, and Trajectory.

– And of course, our arcade to record variables to determine scores on certain games.

<font color="#ffffff">Girl Scouts Fun Patch</font>

Girl Scouts Fun Patch

To earn the Speed of STEM fun patch at I-Drive NASCAR, the Girl Scouts will have learned how to apply physical science and beginning physics concepts to kart racing. An overview of the program includes:

– Interactive lessons in examining the engineering of our SODI RTX kart

– Analyzing the barricades and tires

– Racing electric slot cars

– And a lesson while bowling

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I-Drive NASCAR also offers different packages for student groups from elementary school to high school seniors! To learn more about our educational programs and more, feel free to contact us below!

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