Corporate Info

I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing is owned and operated by AMP Group.

AMP Group is a privately held company headquartered in Orlando, Florida with more than 100 employees. The company opened in 1995 as Perfumeland and in 2012 evolved into AMP Group with the addition of new business ventures. Since its opening, the company has experienced significant expansion in the Central Florida market. In addition to Perfumeland Megastore, other ventures in the AMP Group are Orlando Crossings Mall, Athletic Planet Sporting Goods, Pearle Vision Franchise, Perfume Provider of America and I-DRIVE NASCAR.

AMP Group has been a catalyst for significant real estate development along the International Drive corridor and owns many of the defining retail and entertainment venues including Perfumeland, I-Drive NASCAR and the Orlando Crossings shopping complex. In addition, AMP Group has worked closely with international tour and travel operators to help secure Central Florida’s position as the top destination for travelers from South and Central America.