I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart racing puts you in driver’s seat with champions of the industry, SODIKART. The SODIKART RTX is the newest innovation from the global leader of the kart manufacturing industry. The RTX is the new generation of electric karts offering the very best racing experience for all drivers.

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<font color="#ffffff">Karts</font>


Fully ergonomic with adjustable Steering, pedal and seat for optimum driver position.

Patented Safety System including High Energy Absorption Design, ProSlide Absorber and full body protection.

Exclusive Chassis engineered for performance and enhance precision.

ENGEC Motor- silent, non-polluting with ramp-up burst of speed creating the unlimited thrill.


I-Drive NASCAR indoor Kart Racing unveils a circuit designed to merge innovation and creativity with driving skill and precision. Every detail of the circuit comment your need for speed with a racing experience that leaves you wanting more.

Each race is 8 minutes long on our quarter mile track.

8 turns | 3 hairpins | 1 chicane | “The Senna S”

Rules & Safety

Safety is the most important aspect of being a great racer. Here are easy rules for you to Know.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>RULE #1</b> KNOW your height</font>

RULE #1 KNOW your height

EVERY racer must be at least 10 years old and a MINIMUM of 55 Inches in order to race.

Our requirements to race our go karts are based on a height requirement and an age requirement.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>RULE #2</b> KNOW what to wear</font>

RULE #2 KNOW what to wear

Closed toe shoes are required


Do not wear high heels, flip-flops, sandals or slides-on shoes.


Shoe rentals are available.


No skirts allowed while racing.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>RULE #3</b> KNOW your flags</font>

RULE #3 KNOW your flags

Green: Go! Track is full speed.

Yellow: Caution, Slow down, No Passing.

Blue w/ Yellow Stripe: Move Over.

Red: Stop.

Black: Penalty, See Track Attendant.

Checkered: Race is over!

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5228 Vanguard St.
Orlando, FL 32819

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